Downloadable Audiobooks & eBooks

As a member of the NH public libraries we help support and provide the New Hampshire Downloadable Audiobooks & eBooks site! We are happy to announce the addition of eBooks to our collection of WMA and MP3 Audiobooks.

Every Audiobook and eBook in this collection can be downloaded to a PC and nearly every Audiobook can be transferred to your Windows formatted iPod. All Audiobooks can be transferred to a compatible WMA player. MP3 Audiobooks can be transferred to compatible MP3 players. All MP3 Audiobooks can be downloaded to your Mac and transferred to an iPod or other compatible MP3 player. eBooks can be downloaded to your Mac using Adobe Digital Editions software.

To access your account use the prefix "4554" and then your 4 digit library card number. If you have a two or three digit card number than you will need to use leading zeros to create a 4 digit card number. For example if your library card number is 19 you will need to enter 0019 as your four digit card number to access the account.

Hundreds of fiction and nonfiction titles are available through this free service provided by the New Hampshire State Library.