Summer Reading Program


Summer Reading Program 2016

The HMML summer reading program has a wide variety of activities for all ages.  We have tried to incorporate new activities and new presenters along with some old favorites. 

Registration for the program begins on June 20th.  The summer reading program will run from July 1st, to August 9th.

Students from ages 3-8 will get a prize for every 5 books they read or is read to them.  Students 9 and up will get a prize for every 50 pages read of an age appropriate book. We are now in the process of selecting prizes that will be exciting for all ages.  


On Tuesday, June 28th, at 6:30pm Diane Kordas will present TICK TALK.  Diane is our puppeteer and using puppets will present an information filled talk about the dangers of tick bites and how to deal with an infection using medications and diet.  Diane is a registered nurse and has lived through Lyme disease.  This presentation is for adults and children.

On Tuesday, July 5th, from 11:00am to 12:00noon we will have a Bedtime Math activity.  This is a glowstick activity and all supplies were given to us by the Bedtime Math program that we joined last fall.  This is a high-energy, wow-factor math that's great to add to any summer programming kick-off event.  
Thursday, July 7th at 11:00am Diane Kordas will present her puppet show, keeping with this summer's theme of “Ready—Set--Read”  The show will be one hour long and will be followed by an ice cream party.

Tuesday, July 12th,  K&H Theatre Arts group will come in at 1:00pm and do a Kinetic Art Activity.  This group was in last year and was very popular with the children who attended.  

Monday and Tuesday July 18th and 19th, Layne Case will present a 2 day writing program.  This program is for children 3rd grade and up.  Layne is a published author and conducts workshops for children and adults who wish to become published authors.

Thursday, July 21st, from 1:00pm to 3:00pm a sewing project will be held.  The children will make an apron.  Gale Soucy, a senior citizen from Epping, will help with this project.  She has helped with other craft activities.  This is open to both boys and girls 7 and older.  

Tuesday, July 26th, at 1:00pm  The Lamprey River Conservation Group will present a workshop for the children.  The children will take a tour of the area and will have a scavenger hunt.  If we have a large group, the presenters have offered to run several programs.  The rain date for this program is Thursday, July28th.

Tuesday, August 2nd, the K&H Theatre Arts group will present a program on Acting in Action.  This program will be held at 1:00pm.

On Tuesday,  August 9th, we will close our summer reading program with a magic show and an ice cream party.  Certificates and prizes will be awarded.

As you can see, we have tried to have a special program each week. 
Because of all the activity during the summer reading program, storyhour will be limited to once a week on Fridays at 11:00am.  On Monday, August 15th , regular programs will resume.